I’ve met with Barry Dean personally and know of his intentions and mission with the ACCA. I wholeheartedly support him and the ACCA.

Fr. Larry Richards, Pastor - St. Joseph Catholic Church, Erie, PA./The Reason for Our Hope Foundation Founder

As a former college baseball player, I know that there is a great need to evangelize in sports. The ACCA has a wonderful mission to bring our wonderful Catholic Faith to our Coaches & Athletes. I fully support the ACCA in this mission.

Fr. Burke Masters, Director of Vocations - Diocese of Joliet, IL./Chicago Cubs Team Priest/Former Mississippi State Baseball Player

The ACCA is an on-fire ministry that falls in line with the Catholic Baseball Camps I run where we use “the greatest game ever played to share the greatest story ever told.

Mike Sweeney, 5-Time Major League Baseball All-Star

Barry, thank you for all your hard work in providing a forum for Catholic coaches & athletes to get to meet each other, and for making it easier for them to actively practice their faith while on the road.

Paul Fernandez, Columbia University - Associate Athletics Director, Retired Columbia Head Baseball Coach

I am excited to see the ACCA impacting Catholic Coaches & Athletes positively.

Steve Savarese, Alabama High School Athletic Association - Executive Director

I am happy to endorse the effort’s of Barry Dean, a devout Catholic and Alabama native with extensive experience in coaching, who is launching the Association of Catholic Coaches to assist coaches throughout our country. Men and women in the coaching profession provide athletes not only with skills to compete athletically but also with human and spiritual skills to live an upright Christian life. They are role models and mentors to the many athletes under their direction.

With all the pressures on coaches these days, they need modeling and mentoring themselves. They need the support of other coaches who share their vision, values and virtues.

My prayers are with Coach Dean as he assembles this group of dedicated Catholic coaches. May he and they experience the support of the Catholic community as they provide a framework for living and modeling the Christian life for many dedicated coaches throughout our nation.

With my good wishes and prayerful support, I am

Sincerely yours in Christ.

Most Reverend Robert J. Baker, S.T.D., Bishop, Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama

I commend Barry Dean for his commitment to provide a forum for Catholic coaches & athletes to get to know each other and share their faith.

Vince Dooley, Former University of Georgia, Hall of Fame Head Football Coach

It was a pleasure to meet with you at the Chancery on March 18, 2011. Your mission statement and accompanying goals for the Association of Catholic Coaches are very exciting. It is so important to form and support those Catholic adults who form by word and example our children as they learn in the context of sporting activities. Good Catholic coaches will form good young men and women to live and grow in their Catholic faith.

Please know that you have permission to approach pastors in the Archdiocese of Mobile to ask for their support. May the Lord bless and prosper your efforts to establish the Association of Catholic Coaches.

Very Reverend Monsignor Stephen E. Martin, Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia, Archdiocese of Mobile, Alabama